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FIND YOUR FIRE - Bush Fire Fundraiser in collaboration with WODUP and Amanda Bisk

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Australia is on fire. A series of bushfires, also known around the world as wildfires, are burning across Australia, predominantly in the south-east.

The 2019–20 bushfire season is of notable intensity compared to previous seasons as it has burned an estimated 10.7 million hectares, destroyed over 5,900 buildings (including over 2,204 homes) and killed 28 people as of 8 January 2020. An estimated 1 billion animals have also been killed and some endangered species may be driven to extinction.

Anna Davey Fitness in collaboration with WODUP Eco Activewear and Amanda Bisk set out raise some funds for victims of the fire.

On 11th January 2020, we ran a outdoor fitness bootcamp, which some outstanding members of the public attended. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all who attended or supported the event in some way.

We raised $640 from sign ups to the bootcamp. We raised a further $300 from selling raffle tickets with prizes thanks to my sponsors: WODUP Eco Activewear, Rocktape Bulk Nutrients, Life Ready Physio. Further supporters were Yogasita, Fit College and the City of Cockburn. Amanda Bisk put in a massive $100 with no request for raffle tickets.

Out chose charities were Red Cross, The Salvation Army, WIRES and Wildlife Victoria ($235 to each, Receipts below). On top of these funds, Anna Davey Fitness has donated 50% if ABS programs this week, totalling $500 split between various funds (receipts below).

WODUP Eco Activewear selflessly donated $700 from profits to Port Kennedy Koala Hospital.

I'm very emotional about the support from the community. I dont take it for granted, ever.

I'm lucky enough to have a platform, a platform which my business survives on, a platform which I've been building for 5 years and doesn't actually exist without all of you.

It's my view, that it's my responsibility to use this platform for the greater good as much as I can. In my life time, I hope to give back as much as I take.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all being part of my platform.

I can't do much alone, I'm just one person, but with you all behind me, we can all make our impact together. 💖

Thanks to the amazing photographer Adam Kenna and Bryce Twyman for videography. Also thanks to The Coffee Tree for donating their time to make us coffees! $1 from each sale went to the cause.

Please follow Amanda and WODUP Eco Activewear here:



From ABS Programs sales:

Gab - owner of WODUP Eco Activewear gave the event her all behind the scenes and on the day

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