Anna's Warm Up Routine

Anna's Warm Up Routine

This program is for climbers of all abilities. It includes a floor warm up, a wall warm up and some prehab/rehab exercises for healthy shoulders, forearms, and posture. You will need a light band and a climbing wall. It will be particularly helpful for those who feel lost warming up or feel they never reach their potential on the wall. The time frame for the warm-up can be adjusted depending on how much time is available to the athlete, from 20 minutes to a full 45-minute competition warm up.


*Disclaimer and indemnity

Do not perform any movements you know you aren’t capable of. Use of my programs are at your own risk and by using my programs you hereby indemnify me of any loss, liability, damage or expenses whatsover asscociated with or arising out of the use of my program.


Always be very careful and stick to guidelines.

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