Full Body 12 Week Strength and Conditioning

Want to improve your strength, conditioning, and general fitness? 


On my 12 week program, you will do 3 full body workouts every week for 12 weeks. The program is suited to all strengths, abilities and fitness levels, both climbers and non-climbers. 


The 3 workouts change every month and get a bit more challenging to complete.


This program is a PDF with video demonstrations of every single workout, complete with voice-over tips from me. The demos are linked in with hidden youtube videos. 


You will need a gym set up for this with dumbells, weight plates, barbells, and benches. 


Are you up for the 12-week challenge??? Finishers get a special hefty discount code to my generic programs. 


Be brave and I'll see you in the introduction video <3 




  • PDF with videos



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