Power and Strength For Climbing

This program is for all types of climbers who specifically want to build more strength and power on and of the wall. It is a very comprehensive program which includes: campusing (intermediate to advanced), weight and body weight training (beginner to advanced), rings or TRX workouts (beginner to advanced) and pull up/lock off excercises (beginner to advanced). Workouts 2-4 are non-climbing specific so could be used by anyone. Workout 1 is on the campus board which is climbing or ninja training specific and should only be used by climbers who climb minimun v4. The weight section includes some foream and wrist conditioning. As Wolfgang Gullich said "there is no such thing as too much power".


*Disclaimer and indemnity

Do not perform any movements you know you aren’t capable of. Use of my programs are at your own risk and by using my programs you hereby indemnify me of any loss, liability, damage or expenses whatsoever associated with or arising out of the use of my program.


Always be very careful and stick to guidelines.

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