Progression - 4 Week Home Isolation Program for Climbers

Finished your '4 Week Program' and isolation has been extended? Are you feelng a bit lost as how to progress your training to ensure you keep making gains during lockdown? Don't worry, I have you covered! 
Send me back your completed notes, together with the questionnaire which will come to you upon purchase and I will send you back a program progression! This means you get a whole new program!
A progression means, I analyse your data, see where you excelled where you didn't and progress (make harder) or regress (make easier) accordingly. 
I'll add new exercises or put twists on the ones you were doing. Reps, sets and timining will likely change to shock your body. Fingerboard session will certainly change. 
To capitilise on strength gains, we need progressive overload, this means your program must change slighlty but not too dramatically if your goals are still the same. That being said, if the original program was too hard and you couldn't complete some exercises, you need a regression to get the most out of your training. 
Either way, I have you covered and will come up with the best new program relative to your needs, goals and results. 
Training can be dangerous. You must accept the dangers and accept that use of a training program from Anna Davey Fitness is at your own risk. 

You must agree that Anna Davey Fitness can assume no liability for any injury whatsoever sustained during use of any program written by Anna Davey Fitness and agree to waive any claim arising from an injury sustained during use of any program written by Anna Davey Fitness.


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