Volume 2 - Home Isolation Program for Climbers

Volume 2 - Home Isolation Program for Climbers

Please make sure you have aready done my Volume One - Home Isolation for Climbers (hangboard version). If you haven't you can get both in a value bundle and save $20AUD. 


This is a follow on program. It's 6 sessions per week for 4-8 weeks (up to you). You need a hangboard of any kind and a resistance band. 


The workouts have changed or progressed (extra reps, sets or harder variations) but for those who found the first version too hard, I've added some easier options :)


I've also included some REAL TIME videos so you can train with me!


Let the isolation gains continue. 



The program is copyright, do not share it. You can share it with your partner or besties :) You must be carrying NO INJURIES at all. If you are, do not complete this program. I am in no way accountable for any injuries you sustain performing this program and by buying this you accept those terms.

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